I’m exposing Chaos’ addiction. My cat is a faucet-water junkie. 

An scientifically accurate break down of Chaos, my mooby siamese fatcat.

I’ve been putting a bunch of my (non merpeople) sketchbook comics together as a book that I’ll have at CTN-X and CALA, and hopefully I’ll have them available online as well! I will post more information soon!


Here’s an illustration I did for Steven Universe #2 (out now!) by Jeremy Sorese and Coleman Engle!  Drawing these characters and their world again - a few months after leaving Steven Universe (the show) - was fun, but bittersweet. :)


Yay Stu!

I’m afraid I’ll have to take a break from the Merpeople world for a little bit (life things and work things are keeping me extremely busy these days). But here are some Horse Clams inspired by a hilarious photo posted by Brianne (who is amazing and whose gorgeous web comic I hope you are all reading)

Also…I wouldn’t advise anyone to look for photos of real horse clams while at work. Seriously. It’s that bad.

The super-power I wish I had, so I could vanquish slow-walkers who arrange themselves in sidewalk-blocking horizontal formations because they are the worst. 


Hope you’re all relaxing as much as Molamaid on this Labor Day. 

Here is a great TED talk about the Mola mola, for those of you who might want to know more about these strange and fascinating fish.

Molamaid a-sunbathing. Giant Ocean Sunfish might be my favorite of the bony fishes. They are pretty amazing. Here is one that I photographed at the Monterey Bay Aquarium (which is currently the only place in North America that exhibits these guys):

And here is a photo of the sketches I used to make this gif:


Steer clear of Lampreymaid.

Lampreymaid. She doesn’t talk much and I hear she has a gambling problem. It’s probably best that you just avoid that Lampreymaid.

A lot of folks have asked me what materials I use, so let’s take a look at my art supplies. The markers I use are Chartpak AD markers, the white sketchbook is my Miro Journal (I do all of my merpeople comics in there), the black book is my Travelogue sketchbook (perfect for Instagram because it’s square). My drawing utensils from top to bottom: col-erase in scarlet red, uniball signo in white (my favorite gel pen), the Pentel pocketbrush (love the refillable cartridge, great for loose sketching and filling in blacks), and the kuretake disposable pocket brush in extra fine (what I ink with). Also pictured, my Panasonic KP-4A pencil sharpener (the best..unfortunately I think they stopped making it). 


MerMantis Shrimp. Even his most genuine displays of affection are incredibly violent. 

Note: I’m pretty sure real mantis shrimps are incapable of friendships with other crustaceans (and were this an encounter in the wild, it would surely be more of a dinner-for-one type arrangement), but this is the world of Merpeople and I’d like to believe that Mermantis Shrimp’s partial humanity has made him a bit more open minded.

Mermantis Shrimp. Happy Monday, friends!